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With the start of a new year there are many things to announce or cover so I am going to forgo the opportunity to be long winded and drone on. I do want to thank all of you for your confidence in me as the master of our lodge this year and your continuing reassurances. Although a bit chaotic, I had fun at the installation. RW James Overfelt did a fine job getting us all lined up and leading us where we needed to go as our marshal, even with us doing our level best to make it harder than a teacher with a kindergarten class. Jeff Satterfield was inspiring as our Chaplain. RW Jeff Johnson was outstanding in his duties as the installing officer. It was the best installation I have seen thanks to their efforts. There was a great turnout by the youth groups with Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls, DeMolay, and Squires all well represented. The Grand Lodge was also well represented. We were honored to have them make time to attend. Finally, brethren thank you to those members of Mesa Lodge who attended. I also want to thank those that did not for I now have an article topic for next month’s landmark. The working title is “If Within the Length of My Cable Tow”.

RW Jeff Johnson has made recommendations for modifications to the endowed fund. He will be at the January meeting to explain his recommendations and answer our questions. The endowed memberships are a passionate topic for many of you and I expect Jeff’s efforts to be important to all of us. Please plan to attend.

Mesa Lodge will host several game leagues this year. Although we are still chipping away at the rough edges my intention is fun, fellowship, and a little fund raising for the lodge. They will be very informal leagues. If you are at all interested I would welcome any help getting them setup and keeping track of things, please let me know. There will be both an 8 and 9 ball league. So, break out your cues and start getting the dust off the pool tables in the square club. I am also interested in a dart league. My pick is Cricket, but we will vote on which game to play for the year.

I would like the lodge to select two charities to participate in this year. Please bring your ideas with you in January. If you would, be prepared to offer your cause and a quick idea what work we can do to further it. You will be expected to help make your idea happen if it is selected. We won’t be making any decisions or entertaining much discussion in January. Instead, we will plant the seeds and give them a month to germinate.

Scott Purvis
Worshipful Master

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