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Brethren, Friends, and Family,

Thank you for electing me Master of our fine Lodge! I am grateful, and humbled by your support. Thank you. Many thanks to the young Ladies from Job's Daughters Bethel 2, and the young Gentlemen from Mesa Chapter DeMolay for all their help with our Installation. Great job!

I thank these same young people for cleaning the Mesa Charities Corporation building. You do excellent work!

I want to thank the Fellowcraft Degree Team for conducting an excellent Fellowcraft Degree, and congratulate Bro David Wilds and Bro Tyler Jenkins as Fellowcrafts!

Thank you, Bro Scott Purvis, our new Junior Warden, for repairing our ice machine. It's great to have it working again!

Bro Purvis and his lady, Lee Manual, will be preparing our meals. We are looking forward to another year of fine dining! Many thanks to Bro Robert McFarlane and his lady, Heather, for all the wonderful meals we enjoyed over the last year! Thanks to their careful attention, Mesa is no longer in the red. As a result, we are able to restore the previous meal prices, $10 for members, and $8 for ladies. Fine work, ladies and gentlemen!

We will have the program plans for 2017 available soon. We have tentative plans for some Family Nights and some special dinners.

Also, many thanks to Tom Dill for his diligent work on our Mesa Lodge newsletter. It is an essential communication for our Lodge.

I have used "great" and "fine" and "excellent" often. That is because I believe those words best describe Mesa Lodge #68 and our members. I am looking forward to a great, fine, and excellent year!

Thank you all so much!!

WB Carl Cataline
Worshipful Master

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